I have personally flipped over a dozen homes for profit and helped dozens more find, renovate, and sell their fixer upper property. I am the one person with the right information and I will help you do it successfully. Whether you are looking for a listed property, finding a seller off market, buying at court auction, foreclosures, or short sales, I will share my experience with you.

It takes a keen eye to choose the right property. You need to find the right neighborhood, the best floorplan and layout, and finally have an accurate estimate of the repairs and upgrades needed to make the home as marketable as possible for the least effort, expense, and with a realistic timeline.

I have the experience, knowledge, financiers, and contractors vetted over two decades to successfully and continuously help turn the diamond in the rough into a profit gem. I am offering this experience to individuals interested in or considering house flipping fixer upper properties.

Starting with the initial selection of the correct property, estimating the repairs and upgrades needed, selecting and managing the contractors, and finally marketing the property for the maximum sales price I can show you the procedures to insure a profitable experience.

Initial consultation; $250 I will meet with you at the property or my office and offer council of what to look for, how to find the right property, and how to estimate and calculate the profitability of a fixer upper.

Property inspection and valuation appraisal; $450 I will meet you at the property and together we will come up with a actual spread sheet of repairs and upgrades, costs, timelines, and projected profits.